Video has become the language of the digital age

Video is no longer the new kid on the block.

With millions of entrepreneurs now using video, you have to go the extra mile to cut through the noise to earn a spot in the heart and minds of audiences.

We teach you the techniques for videos that click with browsers and turn them into buyers.

It’s all about using video in a way that grabs attention, generates leads and closes sales.

Start learning to speak on camera with the confidence & charisma that build business success!

Paolo and Narrisa in teak forest in the Caribbean

The Entrepreneur’s Struggle
* You know you have an amazing product or service, but it’s a real struggle to get sales.
* You’re on social media hustling non-stop, but with online audiences all sales-ed out, they won’t give you a chance.
* The money is going out the door but not enough is coming in.
* It’s a constant grind with little free time for family, friends and your life passions; the reason you became an entrepreneur in the first place.

We are Narrisa and Paolo…and we hear you.

As the owners of a small business, we’ve lived the struggle and the growing pains ourselves.

Struggle, though, while inevitable, isn’t eternal.

Video, when done right, is a fantastic tool to help your business get a foothold in a hectic online world. With the right strategy, it can be a powerful way to get eyes on your business, fire up interest and rev up revenues. 

Do you want to have the impact that drives audiences to take the action you want from them?

As former television journalists, it was our job to tell stories in a way that engaged viewers and left an impression.

Today, we show entrepreneurs how to use video to make an impact with audiences. 

Through our Mastering Video Book Series and our Camera-Confidence Online Course, we teach the strategies for getting real business results with video.

Paolo and Narrisa doing masterclass on being a powerful speaker

Video can help you create a business you run, not one that runs you. 

Are You Ready to Blossom with Video Graphic

We give you the resources, training and guidance you need to turn your business goals into concrete realities with video. 


To win the online marketing war, it’s not enough to just go on camera.

You have to be GREAT on camera.

Speaking with charisma and conviction signals to the world you’re the one worth listening to in the crowded business world.

Our Mastering Video Book Series

You want to drive sales, grow your following, stimulate website traffic, build your email list. That’s a job for videos that get traction for your business in today’s noisy online space. 

In our Mastering Video Book Series, we share practical tips and techniques for videos that bring in results.

We’ve distilled every ounce of our media, video production and marketing knowledge into this series to get you on the road to success with video. 

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