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We're Narrisa & Paolo, former journalists showing entrepreneurs & executives how to get attention, impact & action in the digital age.

Video-First Marketing Strategy

Video is now an everyday part of doing business. Millions of people across the globe are using it to increase their visibility, build networks, tap into new markets and create opportunities.

But with so many people going on camera to reach out to audiences, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd and be ignored. Getting seen and heard is no walk in the park. And if you’re invisible, you can’t get your target market to say yes to your offer.

You need an edge that cuts through the noise. It’s all about doing video in a way that grabs attention, makes an impact and triggers action.

Audiences are overtaxed and distracted.

Everyone’s tapping them on the shoulder for their time.

To get ATTENTION today, you need to make videos with intention.

After getting attention, you want to build respect and trust.

Clients and customers should see you as a go-to industry insider.

Achieving IMPACT with video isn’t accidental, but strategic.

Now, it’s time to move audiences to go forward with you.

Capitalise on the attention and impact you’ve earned to inspire ACTION—booking a call, signing up for a service or purchasing a product.

You work hard. You're great at what you do. You know you can help others. It’s time to let the world see the light you bring.

Carve Out Success in a Noisy Digital World

Let us show you how to:
* Magnify your visibility and stand out in your niche
* Grow your trust, likeability and authority with increasingly sceptical audiences
* Attract high value leads—people serious about doing business with you
* Increase your conversions to make consistent, sustainable income

A Lifetime of Moving Audiences
Narrisa Mandol and Paolo Kernahan Speaking on Camera

Tap into our Media & Marketing Expertise
We’re Narrisa Mandol and Paolo Kernahan, former television, radio & newspaper journalists.

Today, we teach entrepreneurs and executives how to get attention, impact and action in the digital age with a video-first marketing strategy.

With our broad background in media and marketing, we’ve travelled the constellation of connection, resonating with audiences of every demographic. Our experience can help you chart your journey to success.

What Makes Our Strategy Different

Our distinctive approach to marketing reflects our unique blend of expertise—telling stories as broadcast and print journalists, producing television shows and documentary films, creating marketing and PR campaigns and carving out success as digital entrepreneurs. 

Our diverse training and experience in creating content has given us keen insights into what grips audiences and makes them feel something, opening their hearts and minds to the value in what you offer.

Paolo Kernahan speaking on camera in television studio

The ultimate goal is to get your audience to take the next steps with you. Our years working in the trenches sparking inspiration, driving change and triggering action can help you get there.

Lead with Video, Leverage Other Media

Video is popular with today’s audiences, but it’s even more effective when deployed with other forms of promotion—blog posts, podcasts, media interviews. 

We can help you expand your reach, grow your influence and attract legions of customers and clients with a devastating one-two combo of video backed up by other media.

Video leads the marketing charge. But it’s supported by other forms of content, so you can reach diverse audiences with different preferences.

We believe in a multi-platform, multi-content approach to marketing. That’s what works for us and that’s what we share with our clients. But if home is where the heart is, video is where the start is.

There’s just no denying some of the strongest connections begin with video. That’s why your journey with us starts through this powerful medium.

Everyone is tapping into the power of video.
* Entrepreneurs are going on camera to build their businesses
* Executives are using video conferencing to connect and engage with employees
* Course creators and coaches are teaching students through video
* Public speakers are stepping in front of the camera to inspire audiences

BUT video without a solid strategy leads to:
* Wasted time, money and effort
* Untapped potential and frustration
* Needless delays en route to success
* Income that could be earned, but isn’t

Avoid all the pitfalls, unnecessary delays and dead ends to your success. We’ll show you how to use video for business to get heard, get ahead and get results in today’s cluttered online world.

Start your video journey here graphic
Win in the Age of Video Book Paolo Kernahan Narrisa Mandol


Forget the hustle creating videos 24/7 to market your business with zero payoff!

If you’re sick of wasting time on video marketing that doesn’t work, then this book is a must-read! It will show you how to finally transform your business using video.

Learn how to deploy video with precision and focus for maximum business impact.

It’s time to get on camera and create videos to share your voice and breathe life into your grandest ambitions.

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Enough of the warm-up and stretches; time to get in the game! Let’s get to work on cranking up your visibility, impact and profitability!

Here’s how we can help you use video to reach more, grow more and be more!

Articulate, powerful & persuasive—sign up for our on-camera course to learn how to command attention, build your influence and move audiences to take action.

Video Scriptwriting Toolkit

Get our formula for video scriptwriting that’s designed to win over and persuade audiences. Our video scripting toolkit includes a guide, workbook and templates.

Dive into our video marketing books and master the fundamentals of building business success with video. We’ll show you all the ins and outs of thriving in a video-dominated world.

On-camera coaching, media interview training, a personalised video marketing strategy—book your one-on-one coaching for high-level private training to trigger real impact in a digitally-driven age.

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To Be Successful in the Digital Age, You Have to be Heard above the Herd
Video Marketing Subheading 4

Our goal is to help you turn all your potential, expertise and know-how into an arrow that hits the bullseye. We want you to feel the thrill of real results.

When we say real results, we mean:
* Building your target audience
* Pulling in promising leads
* Converting more of those leads into buyers
* Consistently earning a healthy income

Look, you’re the star of this show, we just want everyone else to see that. So, it’s time you tap into our unique range of skills to drum up big opportunities in the age of video.

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