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5 Things You Need to Know about Do-it-Yourself Video Marketing

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Let’s face it, we all want businesses that almost seem to run themselves.

We want to wake up every Monday morning with new customers beating down our doors. More importantly, we want to step off the dreadmill of endless exhausting hours in a business that feels like a newborn constantly crying for attention. In short, we want a fulfilling life with the bills at our backs and the winds of prosperity in our faces. Sounds almost like a fantasy, right? It really isn’t.

Now, more than ever, small business owners and entrepreneurs have a world of choice when it comes to marketing. Many of them are adopting video to fast-track growth and profits. It’s practically impossible to sidestep the growing impact of video in our everyday lives. If you aren’t watching a video, you’re reading an article about the rising tide of video content. It is like the oxygen of the social media platforms where we graze.

The fact that you’re even reading this blog suggests you’re leaning heavily towards trying your hand at video marketing. The question is, however, should you create your own videos or hire someone to do it for you?

It’s true that for some small business owners, hiring a production company to produce their video marketing content isn’t practical. On the other hand, the thought of learning video production to market your goods and services can be a nerve-wracking prospect. Truth is, though, it doesn’t have to be an either-or scenario.

Cheaper, flexible, far-reaching; just some of the big pluses to DIY video.

There are definite advantages to producing your own video marketing content. Such positives continue to grow as video tech becomes more accessible and easier to learn. However, there are some video projects best left to the experts. It’s perfectly fine, though, to have a healthy mix of the two options.

Video marketing for different budgets

Not all businesses are at the same stage of development. Some are firmly established and trying to expand their reach. Others are still teething and finding their feet in the marketplace. One of the major benefits of video marketing is it can be done effectively on a wide range of budgets.

For a small business looking at outside help to create video marketing content, there are a few things to consider.

Video marketing really boils down to building relationships with audiences through consistent engagement. It only works if a small business can produce a decent number of videos over time to keep up the conversation, as it were, with customers. If you produce videos only occasionally, you will fade quickly from the consciousness of your target audience and your video marketing efforts will be a flop.

The more video marketing content you produce, the more effective it will be at moving your bottomline in the right direction.

The volume of videos you need to produce for an effective video marketing machinery could make a mockery of your budget if you were thinking of outsourcing. That’s why, for many small business owners, the more attractive option is to churn out their own videos.

Less scheduling problems when you do it yourself

You want video content to burnish your brand. For that to work, your videos must be delivered in a timely fashion.

When you outsource the production of your videos, you have to line up the schedules between yourself and the video producer.

If you were creating just one video that wouldn’t be a problem. However, as we’ve already established, effective video marketing is, in part, about volume. Getting conflicting schedules to match can sometimes be a nuisance.

Occasionally, an opportunity to shoot a great video for your company will pop up, but you can’t expect your video contractor to pop up on demand as well. They aren’t first responders. In fact, some video pros apply additional fees for short notice or accelerated delivery.

Alternatively, if you are producing your own videos, the only schedule you have to worry about juggling is yours. In fact, you don’t have to record your videos during regular office hours. You’re in charge so you can shoot your videos before the start of the business day, at its end or even on the weekends.

Female small business owner getting ready to shoot video for video marketing

Turning up the volume of your video content

It’s probably setting in by now that consistency in video creation is crucial to your video marketing success.

The DIY approach can be relatively inexpensive and you can record your videos whenever you make time for them. This means you will be able to produce more.

Think about each video as one date in an ongoing courtship with the customer.

You are telling them a story with each video being a chapter in that story. Over time, the viewer becomes invested in this relationship as they are getting more of what they need with each video. This could be valuable information, answers to a particular problem or insight on a product or service which could improve their lives in some way.

As a business owner, letting customers into your world is as much a part of the transaction as is each swipe of a credit card. Video lets you do that in an organic, effective way.

As you take control of your video production and keep costs down by doing most of the work yourself, you continue to add more chapters to the story. You may have an idea to shoot a quick, simple video based on some useful tips you know viewers will appreciate.

With the DIY video marketing model, it’s within your power to keep up your video production volume to grow your legions of loyal customers.

DIY video is easier than ever to learn

Saying video is more accessible than ever doesn’t really do justice to the reality of video marketing today. Yes, cameras have fallen in price to be within range of conservative budgets. Sure, social media platforms have made it possible to reach out to tens of thousands of potential customers using video. Those truths, however, represent only a fraction of the bigger picture.

One of the main reasons more of us are adding video to our small business marketing mix is the ease of learning just how to do it.

Everywhere you turn, you can find books and video tutorials which can teach you everything from operating a camera to editing your video content to distribution of that content.

It’s a sweet irony that there’s a tonne of videos online which teach you how to create marketing videos! Whether you learn best through videos, written blogs, podcasts or books, there is something for everyone who’s eager to embrace video marketing. What’s particularly appealing about this smorgasbord of options is you can learn at your convenience.

Inspirational messages for entrepreneurs and small business owners

There is no pressure of deadlines or course work, so you can gradually immerse yourself in the principles of video marketing to turbocharge your business success.

If there is a 1-10 scale representing video knowledge and expertise, you could be a zero and still learn how to use it to your advantage.

Get help when you need it

Just to be clear, DIY video marketing is designed to help you, not hold you back. You aren’t signing an exclusivity contract with yourself to produce marketing videos for your small business.

There are some definite pros to going with the pros in certain situations. Professional video production companies have specialised expertise, a wide range of video equipment and they are plugged into the latest video trends. This means they have what it takes to produce video content that will make your business look good.

Although many small businesses do not have the budget to hire a video production company over the long term, engaging the services of the professionals in one-off circumstances can be a good idea.

For example, there are certain videos which are standard for any serious-minded small business website. One of them is the ‘About Us’ video. It’s a synopsis of your company’s identity and tells the viewer who you are. As such, you want to make the best possible impression. So, bringing in a professional to help with your About Us video would be a good move.

Do-it-yourself video lets you drive volume and customer engagement at a lower cost. You can always bring in the big guns for more demanding video projects.

The verdict on DIY video marketing

All the demands DIY video marketing places on you—the business owner—are the same as anything else you need to do for your company. Learning, planning and execution are all part of the bargain for business success.

Far from being a chore, picking up the skills associated with DIY video marketing is an exciting adventure for any business serious about sustainable growth.

DIY video marketing is proven to boost customer engagement, convert browsers into buyers and stimulate income. So, if a stronger business and healthier bottom line is for you, then it’s safe to say DIY video marketing is as well.

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5 Things You Need to Know About DIY Video Marketing

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