Invisible. Ignored. Benched.

You’re an entrepreneur or executive raring to get ahead, but it feels like you’re not even in the game. It’s more like sitting on the sidelines with your head in your hands, but not for lack of trying.

Experience, knowledge and skills? Unmatched in your industry. Still, it seems like you just can’t get people’s attention.

Meanwhile, check out the other cool kids. Folks in your niche are making big moves getting massive traction, engagement and sales from captivated audiences. You want to cheer for them, but secretly, you’re dying inside…even if it’s a little bit. Well, your story isn’t unique, and we’re here to help you get in the game.

We’re Narrisa Mandol and Paolo Kernahan. We’re former journalists who teach entrepreneurs and executives how to get attention, impact and action in the digital age with a video-first marketing strategy.

Video is now a routine, everyday tool of doing business. We show you the best way to deploy video in concert with other digital content to rack up the best results.

Our Video-First Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is the core of what we do, but our approach is a bit different.

Video is in the driver’s seat, for sure. But its powerful effects are amplified with the shrewd use of other forms of media. In this way, you create your own marketing ecosystem in which the different ways of communicating work together to build momentum and impact.

To promote our own business, we’ve always led with video, but incorporated a mix of blogs, articles and media interviews to reach our audience wherever they are. This is the same strategy we used for our corporate clients to help them achieve their marketing goals.

We’re keen to show you our signature approach to inspiring and triggering action among increasingly sceptical audiences in today’s content-saturated world.

Paolo in television studio with teleprompter

A Powerhouse of Communications Expertise in Your Corner

Television, radio and newspaper journalism, television programming and documentary films, video marketing and PR campaigns—we’ve done it all and then some.

By travelling seamlessly through every means of communications available, we’ve learnt how to use digital and conventional media to get audiences invested in the message. We know what works and why.

Few entrepreneurs possess the broad range of communications expertise we have under our belt. We bring a versatile sensibility to the big goal of greater visibility and influence in today’s noisy world.

Our Experience:
* Television, radio & newspaper journalism
* Production & presentation of live television & radio news shows
* Production of television series & documentary films
* Production of corporate marketing videos
* Video marketing strategy development
* Marketing, PR and media relations

What We Do:

* On-camera coaching to speak confidently on camera to build your credibility, amplify your impact and boost your income
* Video marketing training that incorporates a multi-content approach for wide audience reach and strong business results
* Media interview training to convey key messages fluently and authoritatively to capitalise on every media opportunity

Narrisa Mandol speaking on camera

Our Story

We began our careers in print and broadcast journalism.

From reporting live in the field and producing live news programmes, to the anchor’s chair and hosting morning television shows, we share a combined two decades of communicating and connecting with audiences.

Eventually, we branched out from reporting the news to start a production company to create television shows and documentary films as well as video marketing and PR campaigns for corporate clients.

Today, we combine our diverse range of skills to help entrepreneurs and executives communicate their message successfully in the crowded digital age. Our unique blend of experience and expertise means our clients have access to a deep well of expertise.

Our story, who we are, is all about giving you the tools and courage to tell yours.

Narrisa Mandol and Paolo Speaking on Camera

Sharing Our Best On-Camera Secrets

A big part of what we do is coaching clients to speak on camera with confidence. We help you find your unique video voice, so you can make audiences sit up and take notice.

We know that getting in front of the camera and speaking can be daunting. Our mission is to show you how to be your best self on camera to get your message to hit home with the audiences you’re trying to reach.

It has been our greatest joy to see clients, who were initially wary of video, grow to embrace and master the medium.

One-Two Combo of Video + Other Media

Our guidance doesn’t stop at helping clients become powerful speakers on camera, though. We also teach the marketing magic behind leveraging video for business.

We help you use video in a tactical manner with a multi-content, multi-platform marketing strategy to attract new opportunities, get more business and pull off solid income growth. We’re here to show you how to use video to its full potential, so it can help you realise yours.

After seeing the way a video-first marketing strategy transformed our business, we wanted to share this fire with others.

Make the Most of Your 4-5 Minutes of Fame

For additional reach and visibility, we also teach how to wring the most out of traditional media opportunities.

Look, there’s no denying that digital platforms can catapult you in front of your ideal audience. Traditional media, though, can also give you mass exposure, complementing an overall effective communications strategy.

Whether it’s a coveted television, radio or newspaper interview, we can give you the chops to land the biggest impact with each opportunity.

A traditional media interview carries a seal of approval and credibility. We’ll prepare you to shine when the spotlight hits you.

Start Your Video Marketing Journey Here

Win in the Age of Video Book Paolo Kernahan Narrisa Mandol

A great place to start building your success story using video is with our book, Win in the Age of Video. You’ll learn all the key steps you need to succeed with video, whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been at it for a while.

Our book lays out a strategic framework and the must-have moving parts for your videos to attract high-quality prospects who will go on to buy from you.

Win in the Age of Video is a step-by-step guide for scoring more promising leads and opportunities with a video strategy engineered for business results.

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