About Us

You want to tap into the power of video to build a thriving business, but you’re scared of going on camera.

Maybe you’re already using video, but the results could be better.

Well, this is the place for you.

We are Narrisa and Paolo.

We are former television journalists living and working in the Caribbean helping clients across the globe realise their business goals through video.

Our mission is to help small business owners, entrepreneurs and executives leverage the power of video to connect with audiences and create new opportunities.

A big part of what we do is coaching camera-phobic clients to speak with confidence and ease in front of the lens. We help them find their unique video voice so they can make audiences sit up and take notice.

'It has been our greatest joy to see clients, who were initially wary of video, grow to embrace and master the medium.'

Our start in the business of video marketing was the humblest of beginnings: the story.

We began our careers in print and broadcast journalism where we practised the fundamentals of good storytelling.

From reporting live in the field and producing a variety of live news programmes, to the anchor’s chair and hosting morning television shows, we share a combined two decades of telling stories and making connections with millions of viewers through the portal of the camera lens.

Eventually the time came for us to tell a different story, to show the public a side of their Caribbean nation infrequently explored in news coverage.

We took a leap of faith and started a small production company. Budgets were tight, so we had to learn much of the video production work ourselves.

Having spent most of our careers in front of the camera, it was a little nerve-wracking to get behind the lens and lean the intricacies of videography. This was a long way from our beginnings as the technical aspects of video weren’t exactly second nature to us.

Our Experience

  • Television, radio & newspaper journalism
  • Production and presentation of live television & radio shows
  • Television & film production
  • Video marketing strategy development
  • Video production
  • Media & on-camera training
  • Newspaper, magazine, blog, script & e-book writing 

Learning the ins and outs of video became the most significant factor influencing the growth of our business.

We were able to use our own video marketing content to spread the word about our television shows.

'After seeing the way video marketing transformed our business, we wanted to share this fire with others.'

Our growing interest in video marketing graduated to offering these services to other small businesses like ours.

Ultimately, we have always felt proud of working with business owners who have brilliant ideas and the determination to succeed but limited resources for costly conventional advertising.

Working alongside clients to realise their marketing goals with video has always been a great reason to turn up for work every morning.

Additionally, it is particularly rewarding to use our on-camera experience to help entrepreneurs face their fears of the lens and speak into the video camera with self-possession.

We enjoy showing our clients how to tell their stories to customers with whom they’re trying to create brand-building bonds.

'Our story, who we are, is all about giving you the tools and courage to tell yours.'

Your partners in video success,
Narrisa and Paolo

If you’d like to learn more about our credentials, you can have a look at our LinkedIn profiles below.

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