Proven Ways Video Works to Market Your Small Business

Ever stumbled onto an intriguing article online and wished there was more than just an accompanying photograph? Read about a fantastic performance on The X Factor or The Voice, but you came up empty-handed when looking for the video? Nothing’s wrong with text and pictures by the way. It’s just you’d rather see the story told through video. Similarly, many of us rely on video content when we are looking for quick, simple instructions. You may have searched for videos on at-home haircuts and then how to reverse at-home haircuts gone wrong. Perhaps you need to learn how to finish…

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What is Video Marketing

Perhaps, you operate an eco-lodge catering to vegan vacationers? Maybe you’re the best web designer this side of the Internet? Your product or service is the best on the market, but there’s just one hitch. Flattering certifications or wall-plaques singing your praises aren’t enough. Stocking the shelves or creating an e-commerce website is just the first step. After all, you wouldn’t prepare a wonderfully lavish meal with all the fixin’s, but skip the part where you invite friends over to enjoy it, right? Well, maybe you would if a) you love to eat and b) you aren’t big on company…

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