Every dream needs a spark to take it to breathing reality. Video is that spark.

Our Mastering Video Book Series

Our mission is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs create more opportunities with video, practise DIY video marketing on a budget and become more confident on camera. 

Whether you’re already creating videos or you’re an absolute novice, our Mastering Video book series caters to varying levels of experience in video marketing. We leave no one behind.

Market Your Business With Video
Discover how video can spread the word about your products and services, even on a tight budget. This is an easy-to-follow introduction to the rewarding world of video marketing. It's perfect for novices to video.
Lights Camera Profits!
Video marketing is taking the world by storm. Learn to master this exciting medium to grow your business. Packed with tips to help you balance running your business with producing video, this book is a must have for DIY video marketing.
Be Confident and Natural on Camera
Video is the currency of today's business world. Learn practical techniques to speak on camera in an engaging manner to attract the success you deserve. Vanquish your fear of the lens and embrace the opportunities video offers. 
Smartphone Video Marketing
Success is on the line for you, it’s time to take that call. Learn how  your iPhone can help boost business and grow profits. This book is packed with simple, affordable ways to use smartphone video to make your business stand out.  
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