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Plan A Christmas Holiday Marketing Strategy Using Video

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This is the first post in a two-part series on Christmas video marketing for your small business.  

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for many of us.

The awkward holiday office parties, the indestructible, mould-resistant Christmas pudding, bare-knuckle fights for the last parking spot at the mall; no wonder folks spend the entire year counting down to the Yuletide season. 

For businesses, it’s an opportunity to make hay while big spenders and bargain hunters go on the prowl in their tens of thousands.

Video marketing can be a crucial ally in your campaign to be top-of-mind among customers during the holiday season. You want to be ready to engage with shoppers during the time of year when they are most receptive to spending. You can accomplish this quite effectively with video marketing.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the most of the holiday season when planning your Christmas video marketing strategy.

Get an early start

If you’re going to capitalise on the most commercially-significant season of the year, it’s essential to get started yesterday. Big marketers in their sky-high offices are ready to unleash a marketing juggernaut propelled by insane budgets. 

Pretty soon, it’s going to be a 24/7 blitzkrieg of advertising messages. Everyone who’s got a shelf and a shingle will be trying to capture precious brain acreage among consumers.

For smaller businesses, elbowing your way through with your message can be a challenge in this congested environment. That’s why it is important to trot out your own season of video marketing, and there isn’t a moment to spare.

Your Christmas video content should be primed and ready to be distributed right after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Santa Claus, his reindeer and sleigh at Christmas time

Review last year’s Christmas marketing strategy

You don’t buy new Christmas lights every year, do you? No, you untangle the ones in storage and figure out which bulbs are blown and need to be replaced. 

When it comes to marketing strategy, there’s little point reinventing the wheel. It’s a good idea to take a look back at your last Christmas marketing campaign. Figure out what worked well, what was a dud and what consumed more time than it was worth. 

Working out the answers to these questions will give you a solid foundation for this year’s marketing strategy. You can avoid mistakes that cost you time and money on the last go around. More importantly, you will be armed with information on what was a hit with your target audience, so you’ll know to do more of the same. 

So, before putting the final bow on this year’s Christmas marketing strategy, set aside some time to evaluate the performance of your tactics last year. 

Reuse and repurpose

We’re big fans of reusing Christmas gift bags from previous years. Some of those things are so sturdily manufactured they’re practically indestructible. While we draw the line at ironing out used gift-wrapping paper, we’re happy to repurpose what we can each season. 

When sketching out your Christmas marketing content, again, there’s no need to start from square one. There’s probably lots of perfectly good marketing material from last year stored on a drive that will do just fine with a bit of sprucing up. 

Take a stroll through some of your old Christmas marketing videos for evergreen goodies that can be repurposed with just a bit of minor tweaking and updating where necessary. This way, you won’t feel stressed by an empty folder of marketing material for the season ahead. 

One simple way to reuse and repurpose is by editing short 10 to 15 second clips from last year’s longer Christmas videos.

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Simple works

Your Christmas marketing doesn’t have to be some complex, multi-faceted rollout that calls for a marketing war room. The ideology of simple these days seems to have fallen out of fashion. The truth is, however, simple can have a big impact. 

There’s no reason why your video marketing for the holidays has to be overly complicated. It is more important to create content that is, above all else, memorable and can work across multiple platforms. Simple can do that just fine. 

Also, the less complicated your Christmas content, the more quickly it can be rolled out and the faster you can start to see results.

Christmas decorations

Assembling Christmas props for your video content 

Begin planning the set you’ll use for your Christmas videos.

Normally, the props for your video set would bear subtle reflections of your brand.  It is now time for your set to sparkle with a bit of Christmas because that’s what will be on the minds of your viewers. 

Dressing your set with Christmassy props can add an inviting warmth to your video content, pulling viewers in and making them feel more at home.

There’s no need to go over the top. You don’t want the overall message of your video to be overrun with Christmas kitsch to the extent that it’s distracting. 

A Christmas tree in the background or some smaller props on your desk will do just fine to echo that Christmas spirit. 

Start compiling Christmas B-roll

B-roll, and lots of it, is the gift that keeps on giving. It will help your videos stand out in the crowded online environment.

To make the production of Christmas videos a brisk breeze, start shooting your B-roll early and over a period of a couple weeks. That way when you’re ready to put together your videos, you’ll have all the extra shots you need to create holiday videos without a hitch.  

Here are some Christmas B-roll ideas you can begin shooting before you record the main components of your holiday videos.

You can get shots of gifts being wrapped, a tree being decorated, a wreath being made, Christmas cookies coming out of the oven. Of course, your B-roll shots will depend on your line of business. 

Customer buying from small business

More than just a sale

Yes, you’ve got products and services to sell, and sure, folks are in a spending mood. The idea, though, isn’t merely to barge into the lives of viewers with aggressive holiday sales pitches.

The hard sell doesn’t work during the rest of the year and it’s even less effective during the Christmas period. Still, your videos can do wonders to bolster your brand profile during the holidays. Getting your message through depends on how you wrap it.

Show customers you’re just an ordinary person like them, not some callous, business shill only interested in a buck.

Customers already have innumerable salesy messages ricocheting around inside their heads. Adding yours to the commercial static will likely be a turn off for viewers.

Most of your videos should lean towards emotion and heart than buy today, buy now.

Establish a content ratio that gives viewers material that’s more geared towards making connections than merely selling a product or service. For every video you produce to close the sale, create three that are helpful, entertaining or spread Christmas cheer. 

You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re not selling in every video you produce. If your content connects with the viewer, they will remember that far more easily than an ordinary advertisement they saw a thousand times.

…And a prosperous New Year

What you do during the Christmas season, the engagement you create during the holidays, will influence your customer relationships going forward into the New Year.

Just like life, video marketing isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.

All of the videos you produce form part of a long-term courtship with the customer. Each video is one subtle step in a dance of seduction. The videos you put out for the Christmas season are all part of this delicate ritual.

The Yuletide season is arguably the most active commercial period in the calendar year. If you put in the planning, you will find that your business stockings have been stuffed handsomely. 

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