Christmas Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Holiday Sales

Christmas Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Holiday Sales

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This is the second post in a two-part series on Christmas video marketing for your small business.  

The Christmas countdown is well underway! Well, for businesses at least.

Now, before you go getting hopelessly snarled in Christmas lights, or cringing at the thought of acrimonious visits from distant but not-distant-enough relatives, won’t you spare a thought…for your holiday marketing?

In our previous blog, we tackled planning your Christmas video marketing strategy. Now, we want to help you with some actual ideas you can try in your holiday videos.

The main mission of video marketing is to build and strengthen bonds with customers.

For your Christmas marketing, instead of just going for the direct sale, you want to put a human face to your business. This way, you’ll stand out among competitors bombarding audiences with sales pitches.

When it’s time to make those Christmas purchases, customers will gravitate towards you because you’ve been celebrating the season along with them through your videos.

So, what sort of videos stoke feelings of warmth and Christmas spirit?

Let’s look through our sack of goodies for some ideas for effective Yuletide videos.

A video Christmas card
Many families have a version of the video Christmas card. Some are more elaborate than others.

As a business, the holiday season provides you with a perfect opportunity to show customers you’re wishing them the best for the holidays.

You can record a video Christmas card with staff or on your own if yours is a smaller operation.

Put together a festive set to shoot your video. Squeeze in a small Christmas tree and some other tasteful holiday decorations. No judgements here if you choose to go with the Santa hat. One man/woman’s corny is another’s cheery kitsch.

Treat your customers with the same warmth you’d heap on relatives at Christmas time. Small, thoughtful gestures show your customers you hold them in high regard.

A Christmas video card is a charming way of thanking customers for their patronage over the past year and raising a glass with them for a continued prosperous relationship.

From your business family to their family, Merry Christmas! This is a creative way of spreading good cheer.

Chocolate-making entrepreneur recording video on how to make chocolates.

How-to videos

The holiday season can be a hectic time.

People are trying to get their homes spic and span for hyper-critical guests, tie up loose ends at work and wrap up their Christmas shopping.

Some things slip through the cracks in that frenzied atmosphere. That’s how the turkey gets accidentally cremated while the cook is juggling a million other things. It’s not an excuse but an explanation, by the way. 

Videos with quick-and-easy holiday tips that ease the frustrations of season-frazzled viewers will be sure-fire hits.

You can create a how-to video that instructs holiday cooks on convenient food prep routines, so they don’t spend the entire season incarcerated in the kitchen. 

How about a video which reveals simple techniques for neatly-wrapped Christmas gifts? Just imagine the sense of pride folks will feel when delivering gifts that don’t look like they were wrapped by a tornado. 

Such how-to videos will demonstrate to your viewers you’re there to help them. That’s something they’re likely to remember.

Capture the true spirit of Christmas

A pervasive spirit of generosity is one of the more endearing qualities of the Christmas season. It’s something in the air, the water or the wine, but more people seem open to helping out their fellowman in need at this time of year. 

It would be a great idea to produce a video which captures that spirit in play. There are always local charities in need of assistance. Perhaps a soup kitchen could use an extra hand with the dishwashing or the food service.

You may be thinking such a video would be perceived by viewers as crass opportunism or shameless self-promotion. Well, that depends entirely on the narrative used. 

With this video, you don’t want to push your company to the forefront. It’s not about you or your business, but the charity or cause. 

Video captures humanity in action beautifully. It’s a great way to inspire others to follow the example celebrated in your feel-good videos.

Here’s an example of a video you might like to try. If a community group or local church has organised a gift drive, you can create a video to encourage other residents to give whatever time and resources they’re able to share. 

Your video can spread the word and chronicle a worthy effort that’s sure to tug at the heartstrings of viewers.

You’ll be publicising a good cause and also getting your name out there in a tasteful way.

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A trip down nostalgia lane

People love reminiscing about Christmases of yore. Misty recollections of warm eggnog or childhood holiday rituals always seem to make the season more special. 

What an indulgence of pure fun it would be to gather together your staff and ask them to share what they remember most fondly about Christmas.

No matter your age, fond Christmas memories touch the heart and lift our spirits.

If you’re a one-man/woman operation, you can record your recollections of raucous family board games, or the making of Christmas stockings. What about that time you opened the door wearing your Halloween costume to confuse and terrorize Christmas carollers? Fun times! 

You can also ask viewers to share their memories of holidays gone by. In this way, you can sustain engagement with customers on your website and social media pages.

Christmas decorations

Have some fun with it

Happiness is a lot like electricity, all it needs is the right atmosphere and the air crackles with it. That is, indeed, true of the Christmas season.

Now is the time to let your proverbial hair down in your videos. Invite viewers into the lighter side of your business during the holidays.

Unless you work in a cobalt mine, there is usually a prevailing mood of joy in most places of work. Why not show that off and let viewers see your business is made of real people who enjoy a bit of fun just like they do? These are the same down-to-earth people who work hard to provide the goods and services you are marketing to viewers in your videos.

You can stage and record on video a Christmas competition among your employees. Maybe a contest for the most creative Christmas lunch?

The employee who comes up with the best idea for a company Christmas lunch menu gets a gift certificate to the gym for 2020! You can even invite viewers in on the fun. They can vote for the best menu.

Building bonds with customers through videos that connect

These are just a few out of many video ideas you can deploy during the Christmas season. Touching the hearts of viewers and demonstrating to them they mean far more to you than a potential source of revenue, that’s the stuff that builds brands. 

There’s no doubt Christmas is flavoured by fevered commercial activity. It’s also a time, though, when people let down their guard and exhibit a greater humanity. Your business can do the same with video marketing.

Create videos that spread some old-fashioned holiday cheer. This is what will make your holiday marketing memorable and etch your business into the consciousness of customers. And when they’re ready to buy, your name will be top-of-mind.

People are more inclined to support businesses with which they feel a connection. There’s no better time for making such connections than Christmas when people’s hearts are more open and receptive. 

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