Your chances in the ring are far better when you have an experienced coach in your corner pushing you to be your best. 

On-camera coaching, media interview training, video marketing mentorship, copywriting training—we go one-on-one with entrepreneurs and executives to bring out abilities already inside you to SKYROCKET your IMPACT.  

You may be the owner of a growing start-up tech firm or the CEO of a profitable corporation. That doesn’t mean, though, you’re confident about communicating your expertise and knowledge. That’s totally fine. You’ve concentrated your energies on becoming the best at what you do. 

What we’re best at is communications, in both the traditional and digital media. That’s what we’ve spent our years perfecting. 

You don’t have decades like we did to master on-camera and video marketing savvy. So, it makes sense to get ‘done-with-you’, VIP support and strategy to get to the next level.

Fine tuning your messaging and the way it’s delivered is critically important in today’s noisy business world. Our personalised training brings together what you do best with our considerable media experience.

The bespoke coaching we create will unchain your full potential by giving you the know-how, diamond-hard focus and solid strategy to hit all your goals with video. 

When you sign on for our one-on-one sessions, we will:
* Give you access to the nuggets of wisdom from our long history in the media and video industries
* Whittle down years of experience and training into the most relevant and powerful tips for your personal needs
* Skip the information overload and focus on tasks that will bring you the biggest and fastest results
* Provide tailored next steps that guarantee transformation
* Supply takeaway resources so you can continue growing even after your coaching sessions are completed

The investment for each of our coaching packages is USD$2,000. It will cover:
* One (1) 30-minute prep session or ‘fitting’ where we identify and map out your goals
* Four (4) 60-minute video coaching calls—one per week for a month
* Weekly follow-ups via email
* Detailed reviews of your on-camera presentations, media interviews, video marketing strategy or writing
* Made-for-you takeaway resources
* A certificate of completion

So, are you ready to achieve your targets faster and with less stress? Well, take a tour of our coaching packages below to find the one that’s right for you.