Articulate, precise and persuasive on camera—these are some of the winning elements we teach in our online course, Speak with Confidence on Camera: Learn How to Talk to the Camera to Engage and Influence Audiences.

Today, millions of people are using video for business. They’re going on camera to connect with audiences and drum up lucrative opportunities. Just showing up on camera, though, is only half the battle.

You want to shine on camera! The online world is way too competitive for a certificate of participation for merely using video.

We’ve distilled years of experience in broadcast journalism into laser-focused training that shares our best tips for speaking on camera.

Our camera confidence course will help you achieve real impact with video—whether that’s more income, clients or career opportunities.

With our on-camera training, you’ll show the world you’re the one worth listening to in a landscape filled with instant experts and overnight pros. You’ll get an edge over competitors—an edge that will earn you the respect, trust and loyalty of high-value customers and clients.

During our journalism careers, we saw what polish, power and presence on camera did for folks with outsized ambitions. It certainly opened the door to exciting opportunities for us. That’s why we’re confident our on-camera training can increase your visibility, credibility and profitability.

So, sign up for our camera confidence course to get the skills that will help you win in the age of video.

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