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How to Market Your Business in 2020 with Video

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The year 2020 marks the beginning of a brand new decade. 

There have been seismic technological changes and dramatic business developments over the past 10 years.

You can pretty much bet on this new decade also being packed with more monumental changes. As small business owners and entrepreneurs, the question is, how do you make these changes work for you?

Sure, the digital world will continue to drive business. There will, however, be challenges to navigate. 

Organic reach on social media platforms continues to decline. Meanwhile, businesses are pumping out more content to battle for the attention of online audiences. 

Less organic reach + an upsurge in content  = content-weary, tuned-out audiences.

The decade of winning with attention

Let’s face it, without attention, you don’t have a business. 

Town criers, flyers stuffed into mailboxes, flashy television commercials, glitzy electronic billboards, online ads; the battle for the attention of the customer has only intensified over the years. 

Attention will be your most valuable asset as a business as our world becomes more crowded and noisier.

It doesn’t matter how amazing your products or services are. If you can’t attract attention, your goals are dead in the water. 

It once was that a product or service could speak for itself. If what you did was good, customers would be lined up down the block. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way anymore.

There may be thousands of people offering a product or service similar to yours. They may be just as good as you are, or even better.

Business success is no longer hitched exclusively to the quality of your offer, although quality is important. Now, it is also determined by something else—YOU!

The great news is, that’s something your competitors can’t replicate.

Hey, I’m over here!

Your face, your voice, your personality; these are all unique qualities that will make your product or service stand out.

Video is the perfect way to present these qualities to audiences in one complete package. It’s the closest thing to human interaction.

As the attention wars heat up, video will continue to lead the charge.

Across all online platforms, there will be a continuing surge in video.

Online videos will only grow in prominence in 2020 as more people tap into its ability to connect with audiences and ring up results. 

Consequently, there will be bumper-to-bumper video content crowding social media platforms. This will make traction and engagement through video tougher. 

Video content is up, and so too is the number of ‘average’ videos of sub-par quality and little useful information. 

Be better

So, how do businesses get through to their customers with video in a digital world that’s only becoming more crowded and competitive? 

Be better.

This might sound like simple, generic advice. But there is truth in that simplicity. 

If you want to get the attention of audiences, your content has to be better.

Don’t confuse being better with perfection.

No one is saying you have to churn out slick, sophisticated, expensive videos. All you have to do is put a little more thought and effort into your videos.

You’d be amazed at how simple adjustments can up the quality of your videos, immediately making them more appealing to jaded audiences. 

So, here a few ways you can be better in videos to market your business in 2020. 

1: Quality over quantity

As a long-term strategy, creating video just for the algorithms is not the best of moves. It can result in videos that are all fluff and no value as you struggle to churn out several videos each week.

This will not only lead to content fatigue for you but for your viewers as well as they eventually get tired of videos with no real takeaways.

Getting results with video is not necessarily about how many views you get. It’s about who’s viewing.

Many social media platforms count a few seconds as a view. That means you can have hundreds of thousands of views on your videos but no real conversions.

So, set out to produce quality videos to attract the right audience for your business.

Paolo shooting video with beautiful background

2: Respect viewers’ time

There’s a belief that it’s somehow better to do videos by just turning the camera on and talking. Some say it’s a more authentic style that plays better with audiences. 

It’s true casual videos have performed well for many folks. As more videos crowd our online news feeds, though, the impact of this style of video will begin to fall.

Videos with impact are about the viewer. They speak to their needs.

Avoid being self-indulgent and rambling on about your day or taking five minutes in your video to warm up to a tip that’s all of 20 seconds.

We now live in a world of wall-to-wall information and distractions.

When viewers give your videos their time, that’s a gift. You want to respect that gift by getting to your point and giving viewers something of value in exchange for the time they’ve given so graciously. 

3: Become a powerful speaker

A huge factor in getting attention is powerful communication, particularly in a world of content saturation and limited time and attention spans.

Those who excel at communication are the ones who will get their videos heard above the noise. 

Sharp communication skills will be that ‘it’ factor in 2020 separating extraordinary businesses from good businesses. 

Confidence on camera will set you apart from thousands of others merely talking on video. That’s how you will produce real results for your business.

Confidence in video is a lot more than simply having the guts to step in front of a camera.

The most effective communicators—the ones who captivate audiences with their words and delivery—use a specific set of techniques designed to capture attention and pull a certain result out of audiences.

Strategic messaging, speaking clearly, pacing, projection, cutting down on crutch words like ums and ahs, using body language; these are all components of riveting communication. Speakers who combine these techniques in their on-camera presentations not only capture attention, but convince audiences of their message and drive them to take a particular action.

Confidence on camera embodies powerful speaking skills, poise, presence and charisma. Learning these skills is what will get you attention in an increasingly noisy online world.

4: Master the art of storytelling

Stories have defined and connected us for generations.

By connecting, inspiring, educating and helping audiences through your stories, they will relate to you more easily. An audience that relates will keep coming back. 

A good storyone that evokes emotion, has a clear outcome and ties back to the audiencemakes your video memorable.

And memorable is what you want to achieve when you’re in an industry with thousands of people offering the same product or service.

Telling stories in videos that touch viewers and produce a specific result takes skill. Fortunately, it’s a skill anyone can learn. 

5: Put some thought into your video background

Avoid the craze of shooting selfie-style videos in your car.

Social media platforms are overflowing with these kinds of videos and, given that they all look the same, what is there to make a viewer choose yours? Remember part of the attraction of video is its visual appeal.

Given the surge of car videos, it no longer stands out in our crowded news feeds. It also doesn’t help viewers understand who you are and what you’re about. 

Use the space behind you to, one, attract the eye and stop online scrollers in their tracks. And, two, to say something about your personality or brand. 

With people handing over less of their attention, it’s a smart move to use all the ‘real estate’ in your videos to tell your audiences something about yourself. 

Narrisa shooting video on smartphone

6: Roll with the B-roll

Just like the on-the-go car videos, the jump-cut style of video is popular with video creators. A jump cut is an abrupt transition that makes the subject appear to jump from one spot to the other without continuity.

Again, if you want viewers to choose you over thousands of other videos, you have to put in extra effort. 

B-roll, which is additional footage, pictures or graphics, supports your message, adds to your story and gives your video content a more professional look.

So, instead of a video with only a talking head, you can ‘cut away’ to other images that enhance your story.

Again, you want to use every opportunity to get a powerful and memorable message across in the few minutes today’s audiences are willing to give you.

B-roll provides context and adds depth and dimension to your video.

7: Lights, camera, results

The difference between a video that’s poorly lit and one that’s properly illuminated is…well, night and day. 

Yet, there are so many videos in which the speakers are shrouded in darkness.

If your video pops up in the social media news feeds, but it looks like it was recorded during a power outage, chances are online browsers will just scroll on by.

For every video you do, make sure they are properly lit.

If you can’t afford video lights, use natural day light. Set up for your video shoot in a room with lots of windows to let in all that sunlight. 

8: Mind your audio

The Internet is awash with videos that are dragged down by either indistinct sound or distorted audio. It’s unfortunate because there are many video content creators who have their messaging down pat, but bad audio makes keeping up with their presentation a challenge.

In an online environment with too much choice, time-strapped browsers will click away from your whispery video in search of better options.

Nothing should be competing with your voice for the attention of audiences. Give viewers of your videos crisp, clear audio and they will reward you with their time.

No matter what camera you’re using, it pays to invest in a simple microphone to enhance the quality of your recordings. It’s also a good idea to choose a room in your home or office where external noise is minimal.

Make a good first impression

Video can be an immensely powerful part of any marketing mix. When done right, it can get you the attention you need to keep injecting lifeblood into your business.

With the dawn of a new decade in which it will be harder to draw attention to your business, you want to step up your game to create videos that are a cut above the rest.

Getting the results you want in 2020 and beyond means producing well-crafted videos that will command the interest and respect of audiences. 

The goal is to get your videos to rise to the top of the online heap.

Apply the techniques in this blog to create video content that is MEMORABLE.

You want your videos to be burned into the minds of audiences. They should remember something that was said or the way in which it was presented. That quality of being memorable is what will keep them coming back to you.

When you register a lasting impression with viewers, your videos truly become a powerful ally in a winning marketing strategy.

Sign up for our camera confidence course to learn how to be great on camera to win the online marketing war.

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