It’s Your Time To Shine! 
You + Us. Together, we will shape and polish your on-camera presence.

Whether you’re trying to improve the profitability of your business or tap into new opportunities in your job, video can help you get there. Instead of dreading the camera, you can face it with excitement, shape your destiny, and sit back and get showered in all the rewards that come with camera confidence.

We offer customised on-camera coaching to sculpt your delivery. With our one-to-one guidance you will build the poise, confidence and clarity on camera that makes audiences sit up and pay attention.

Here’s what we’ll work on together in your bespoke on-camera training:
* Identifying which aspects of your on-camera delivery needs attention
* Smoothing out your particular on-camera quirks for a polished presentation
* Discovering your unique and authentic voice
* Fine-tuning your messaging based on your ideal audience
* Leveraging your story, experience and passion for powerful impact
* Sounding natural when you’ve really done behind-the-scenes prep
* Connecting with an audience that’s not in the room
* Improving your background, sound and lighting for a professional look

On-camera prep, practice exercises, playback reviews, Q&A—this is highly-interactive training tailored to your personal needs, goals, strengths and areas for improvement.

The investment for each of our coaching packages is USD$2,000. It will cover:
* One (1) 30-minute prep session or ‘fitting’ where we identify and map out your goals
* Four (4) 45-minute video coaching calls—one per week for a month
* Weekly follow-ups via email
* Detailed reviews of your on-camera presentations, media interviews or video marketing strategy
* Made-for-you takeaway resources
* A certificate of completion

The goal of an on-camera coach is to bring out the natural brilliance of each client. Cameras may all be the same, but each person brings a different fingerprint to the video experience. We think of every client as a unique diamond in the rough. Each different facet we cut together ensures that you shine with our attention to detail.

Let us help you master speaking on camera with our over-your-shoulder mentorship. Contact us at to find out how to begin your private on-camera coaching sessions.

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