Should I Be Worried About My Accent? [Video]

Should I Be Worried About My Accent? [Video]

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So many business owners and entrepreneurs are insecure or self-conscious about their accents.

They steer clear of speaking on stage or going on camera for fear of being judged harshly on their accents. 

Yes, accent stereotyping does exist. But we shouldn’t allow prejudices to hold us back from opportunities that can bring greater success.

Embrace your accent. It’s a big part of your unique history and story.

Your accent can be an asset to you. All you have to do is put in the effort to speak clearly.

Watch our video below for some simple tips on how to be understood by audiences anywhere in the world, no matter what your accent.

If you want to become a powerful on-camera speaker who gets the attention of today’s jaded audiences then sign up for our online course.

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