Video Content Marketing and the Small Business [Video]

Video Content Marketing and the Small Business [Video]

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1: Connecting with customers previously beyond reach.
2: Saving a tonne of money (that we didn’t have anyway!) on traditional advertising.
3: Turbocharging our small business growth by raising our business profile 

That’s just the short list of all the things video marketing did to take our small business to an entirely new level.

When we began using video to connect and interact with audiences, we noticed we were starting to get noticed. Engagement with video content marketing was changing the game for us, and this was with zero marketing budget. 

This might sound a little corny, but the people who followed our videos became friends. They were genuinely interested in our work because video helped us build relationships with them. When the time came for us to sell our products and services, our followers became something more than buyers; they became supporters.

None of this could have happened without video because that’s where all our people were, and still are. 

You see, millions of people are watching online videos every day. We’re willing to bet you’re one of them. Tapping into this trend can get more eyes and ears on what you do, inching you closer to business success.

Give your voice the power to connect with customers in a way that makes them sit up and take notice.

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