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What Are the First Videos Your Small Business Should Make?

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So, you’ve taken the plunge with video marketing. This is definitely a marketing tactic that can benefit your business. Okay, perhaps plunge is too strong a word. You’re in knee-high water, but still a bit nervous about wading in all the way.

It could be there are some lingering cost concerns. Maybe you’ve still got niggling worries about balancing video content creation with running a business? You’re not quite sure where to start or how much you can manage at the outset.

In that case, it’s best to begin with something manageable. With a sea of video options from which to choose, there are some basic, uncomplicated videos you can create to get your business name out there.

Think of it as a starter pack for the video newbie to trigger the customer engagement that will eventually lead to robust sales.

The FAQ video

The FAQ video (frequently asked questions) has become a website staple for many businesses. As the name suggests, it tackles a list of questions browsers and customers visiting your website will probably have about your products and services.

Many online browsers turn to the Internet already armed with questions. The FAQ video puts your business right in the path of potential customers.

Let’s use the example of a classic vehicle restoration shop.

It would be useful to produce an FAQ video providing answers about approximate delivery timelines for restoration jobs, machining of scarce classic parts, the availability of decals for out-of-production models, et cetera. Such a video will easily find a captive audience among car enthusiasts who need to scratch that car-craze itch. In this way, the FAQ is big on the visibility boosting factor every small business needs.

Naturally, you won’t be able to answer all the questions customers may have. You’re not a mind reader (as far as we know) Taking a few out of the equation, however, will save you loads of time responding to individual queries online and on the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions Visual/Graphic

The other huge advantage of this video type is this: even if you aren’t able to answer every question under the sun, viewers will see in the answers you’ve provided that you demonstrated an expertise that will be useful to them.

The FAQ video also does wonders for building your brand as a customer-service oriented company keen on making life easier for the customer. If you’re taking those early, tentative steps into the world of video marketing, this video is one you should consider seriously.

The product demonstration video

It’s tempting to say the name of this video variety is self-explanatory. In one respect, it is. You want to use the medium to demonstrate how your product works, how easy it is to use, maintenance routines and the like. However, you want to create a video that focuses first on how your product will help a customer, or solve a problem they may have.

With a product demonstration video, you can insert your product or service into consumers’ minds by speaking to their self-interest.

You’ve probably seen one of those over-the-top television infomercials. Our favourite is the one in which a housewife is beyond frustrated with a garbage bag that’s crazy difficult to tie and bursts even if it’s filled with feathers. Don’t they make it seem as though that poor quality garbage bags is the worst thing happening in her life right now? Well, then comes the product pitch: a garbage bag that can be tied by a one-armed person and is tough enough to carry cinder blocks!

Now some of these infomercials can seem a bit much, but they are effective for one important reason. They put themselves in the customers’ shoes and appeal to their frustrations and their needs.

Food blogger recording cooking video for video marketing

So, let’s say you’re building a healthy food catering company, designed for modern moms on the go. Your unique selling proposition is that you provide meals for folks who just don’t have the time to cook. What your business sells isn’t simply a healthy way of living you are also a retailer of time, the most valuable resource there is.

So you should think about producing a video on the frustrations of juggling modern-day schedules. Our hectic lifestyles lead so many of us down a path paved with doughnuts, sugary drinks and processed foods. There is, however, hope in the service your business offers: healthy meals delivered through your convenient service.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a product in action to push the consumer from indecision to spending.

So your video first connects with the viewer through a totally relatable problem and then offers a solution. That is one formula for business success through video marketing.

Don’t get carried away, keep the video short and use simple language. You don’t want to turn people off because you sound like you’ve swallowed a dictionary. Keep it short and be sure to use lots of shots of your product or service in action. This is the kind of content that reels customers in.

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After-sales video

As we all know, after-sales service is the mother of repeat business.

If a customer has purchased your product but is unsure of how it should be unboxed, assembled and used, the demo video on your website will be a handy resource. It can be viewed at their convenience and they can watch the video as often as they need.

Always remember, good customer service as important as a good product. The after-sales video tells the customer they mean much more than the sale.

So what would such a video look like? Glad you asked.

You may have designed a special clamp for carpentry enthusiasts and woodworking professionals. It holds fast to any workbench and makes every job much easier and less time-consuming. A video on your website which shows the purchaser exactly how to get set up with this woodworking specialist equipment will be a fantastic asset.

This sort of video is also great for building loyalty among customers and putting you in the repeat-business business.

Female entrepreneur blogger cutting plank of wood for video camera
Female blogger ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​cutting a plank with a jigsaw machine

Sometimes a buyer may feel a little silly for not understanding how to get the product from packaging to use. Even though they shouldn’t feel that way, some do. With a video, they needn’t feel worried about asking silly questions over the phone. This will also reduce the number of after-sales queries and calls from buyers in need of hand-holding through product tryouts.

The after-sales video shows the customer you care enough about their business to stick by them after the purchase. You want buyers to view your website as a place where they can have their questions answered and get the help they need. Video is a big part of that.

Testimonial video

A video of yourself singing the praises of your product or service will never be as effective as one in which customers give resounding reviews on what you have to offer.

The customer testimonial video is the proverbial proof in the pudding. Many businesses post written reviews of customers sharing their rewarding experiences with a particular product or service they’ve purchased. Words on a website pinned between quotation marks don’t have quite the same impact as an in-the-flesh customer testimonial.

Call it the sceptic in all of us, but don’t you sometimes wonder if a written customer testimonial is the real deal?

A happy customer generates more happy customers. Video shows wider audiences expressions of customer satisfaction directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

A customer recommendation delivered through a video recording has a more authentic feel to it. You’d be surprised how many people, provided they’re happy with the consistent quality of your service, would agree to record such a video. Showing customers they needn’t take your word for it goes a long way towards building brand credibility and greasing the sale.

Before getting set to interview your willing subject, talk through with the customer some of the areas you want to cover. We’ve always found spontaneous responses work best in this video type as they are more authentic. For this reason, you don’t want to discuss specific questions with the interview subject beforehand.

The interview should ideally be recorded with a backdrop that has some bearing on the product or service you offer. If you’re marketing a product, be sure to squeeze it into the picture.

Behind-the-scenes video

This particular video is great at building interest in your brand. Think of it this way, you already spend time creating that unique product. You’re logging the hours perfecting a service catering to a niche market. Why not record the process for a behind-the-scenes video? What this does is add the all-important element of a story to your business.

Your brand is much more than a faceless product on a shelf. This particular video is a central part of demonstrating to the customer that they are buying something made with them in mind.

In a competitive environment, you want to stand out by showing the humanity behind your product or service.

Think, for a moment, about the skill and artistry that goes into, for example, the making a bespoke suit. Whether it’s a first job interview, a business suit or wedding tux, every man must have at least one suit that fits him as well as a dream job or spouse.

Of course, you can buy a suit anywhere. A video demonstrating the skill, passion and quality poured into your tailoring dramatically narrows down the choice for that guy who’s in the market for an outstanding wardrobe.

The design process, intricate cutting of the fabric, the surgical stitching; these are all threads in the narrative setting your tailoring apart from everyone else on the market.

Bespoke tailor shooting video with DSLR for video marketing

Maybe you have a company which creates signature furniture designs inspired by the client’s vision. A video outlining the consultation process with the client, sketching the design, choosing the wood, and crafting the final product can spark the imagination of the customer. Imagine how proud you’d feel telling visitors to your home you designed this chair and that dining table.

A behind-the-scenes video can put the buyer in the picture and help them connect with the process.

Some people believe if a product sounds too good to be true, it most probably is. A behind-the-scenes video on your website can help remove lingering doubts. It also removes the in-built scepticism many consumers have.

Videos that are strong starters

What do all the videos described above have in common? They are all relatively easy to produce for a video newbie and could be up on your website in no time.

Whether you’re shooting them with yourself as presenter answering questions or taking a product through its paces, these examples are as uncomplicated as video marketing gets.

In the world of video marketing, there are many different types of videos you can use to expand your customer base and grow revenues.

For a modest investment of time and intellectual effort, you get huge returns with their usefulness on your website.

As a newcomer, you just need a start. FAQ, product demonstration, after-sales, customer testimonial and behind-the-scenes videos are an excellent, useful introduction to the use of video to grow your brand.

Give your voice the power to connect with customers in a way that makes them sit up and take notice.

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The First Videos Your Small Business Should Make

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